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This  page is for links to other sites that we found on the internet and wanted to share with others.
We have surfed each of these websites to insure that there is no objectionable material and that each conforms to family values.
We encourage the exchange of quality websites and if you would like to see your website on this list please email us at links@macleodwebdesign.com
Please be patient after submitting your site for review as we visit and evaluate each site manually.

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WindowsWashers.com provides access to online tools as well as onsite technical service to help you clean spyware, adware and scumware from your computer. Onsite spyware cleaning is available in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.

Shellography is the unique seashell art developed by Dr. Thad Thomas, an avid photographer, shell collector and professional dentist. Dr. Thomas reveals the intricate inner beauty and wonders of deep ocean seashells with high-powered X-ray photography to produce vibrant and detailed artwork that complements any beach, nautical or ocean decor.

You wonder sometimes what is the best way to display your precious photos, digital images, or art works, with your special memories or your business selling point or great images that you want to brag with. Whether it's in your home or office the answer is, high quality Giclée Canvas Prints.
Nothing is more classy, pleasant to look at and you don't necessary need to frame it. Canvas prints don't have glare because there is no glass in front of the image, which also makes it lighter and easier to handle. Our Canvas Prints last for generations to come with out fading and loosing their quality or color tone. Everyone knows that our superb Canvas Prints are the missing elements for everlasting memories.

Ben and Carrie e Pinkard with the help of their grandmother have put together a book on poetry lessons for children. Visit their website for poetry lessons, games and exercises.

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